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Jessica Ryan is a GoddessFeaturing: Jessica Ryan, JImmy BroadwayAdded 03/06/2023
Avg Rating Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3
Goddess Jessica Ryan knows how to manipulate men.... she uses her sultry voice and sexy body to weaken and confuse Jimmy... she starts by telling him how much it turns her on to be around a confident, strong man, and then destroys his ego as she tells him what a weak loser he is. She makes him worship her feet as she verbally humiliates him and then gives him a good spanking for being such a loser. She makes him worship her beautiful ass and then humiliates him further by making him slap his own face. She wipes her ass up and down his face, making him more addicted to her as she destroys him. He falls deeply in love with her and she loves it, knowing she will never even think of him as a man! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, PSYCHOLOGICAL DOMINATION, AND MORE!

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Avery Jane is a GoddessFeaturing: Avery JaneAdded 10/10/2022
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Avery Jane loves destroying men... she knows how weak they are around her curvy body and BIG ASS, and she loves seeing them suffer. When she found Glenn, he was CEO of a company. And after a few sessions with her, she ruined his life. She made him sign over his life savings to her and then he started stealing to get more for her. She laughs at his shame and misery and then laughs even more as he worships the woman who took everything from him! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

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Nadia White is a GoddessFeaturing: Eriq Dikkersun, Nadia WhiteAdded 09/12/2022
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Goddess Nadia White is disgusted by perverted wimp slaves. She starts by having eriq crawl into her dungeon and then shoves his head into a puppy bowl so he can eat. She verbally humiliates him and laughs as all his remaining dignity drains out of him... he is humiliated but addicted to being dominated... deep down he knows this is where he belongs! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, VERBAL HUMILIATION, AND MORE!

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Courtney Taylor is DommeFeaturing: Courtney Taylor, Glenn KingAdded 07/04/2022
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Courtney Taylor is a perfect 10 Goddess. Men fall at her feet and will do ANYTHING to worship her. She takes slave Glenn into her dungeon and teases him until he is begging to serve her... then she makes him sign over the title to his car to be able to worship her feet. He still wants more so she keeps draining him... she laughs at him as he signs away his home, all his assets, and his soul. She wants EVERYTHING and knows exactly how to get it! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE !

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